About Me

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Here‘s my story so far so you know a bit about me. As a Mum to 5 girls and a wife of 23 years, the majority of my life has been spent taking care of my family. My degree is a Bachelor of Arts in European Studies from University of Limerick, but working in this area never held that much appeal for me.

After marrying in 1992, my husband’s career dictated where we lived – 10 locations in 12 years: The United States, Luxembourg, France etc. Following the arrival of my last child, I put down roots in Kildare.

As I have always enjoyed working with my hands, whether is was needlecraft or music, I thought I would try massage out of a personal interest I had.

A year later I have a treatment room in NEEBA located in the Whitewater Shopping Centre. From here I work with many regular clients who come to me weekly with a range of issues. Working on a need to know basis I will always continue learning and developing both my massage & reflexology techniques.

Determined to find natural solutions to their various symptoms, my clients travel with me on this incredible journey of self healing – on every level; Skeletal, Muscular, Nervous etc. From a reflexology point of view, I am extremely interested in the role of the adrenal glands in modern daily life.

On a Sports Massage level, I study the work of James Waslaski very closely, and plan to continue to take his courses as long as he will permit me.

The human body in truly incredible and I truly believe in a natural whole body approach where spiritual, emotional, mental & physical energies are co-dependent.


  • IBHT Reflexology & Sports Massage Level 4
  • IBHT Level 3 Diploma in Massage | Oct 2013
  • BA European Studies, University Of Limerick | 1985-1989
  • Diploma in Child Psychology