Our Promise

First and foremost, alittlemassage works hard to provide you with a space to release & relax; but just as importantly strive to make your visit as enjoyable as possible. These promises allow you to confidently choose alittlemassage knowing that you will receive the best treatment and the best service possible.

1. Be Confident You’re In Good Hands

Your body is important, your health your wealth, so treatments are chosen with care.  If a treatment is contra-indicated, an alternative or adapted service will be discussed.  If no treatment is possible & a referral or doctor’s letter is required, you will not be charged for consultation time.

2. No Hanging Around

Whilst 95% of treatments start on time, we guarantee that you will never be kept waiting longer than 15 minutes. We know that you are too busy to wait around.

3. No Excess Talking

There is a perception that therapists spend the first session only talking to clients about their injury or condition and not enough time hands-on treating.  Our policy is to as quickly and effectively as possible commence treatment, while taking into account the importance of thorough consultation & posturology assessment. This will always happen at your first appointment, and only if necessary on follow-up appointments.

4. No More Confusing Jargon

We assure you we will use a language you will understand and feel comfortable with.  No such thiing as a silly question, and if the therapist doesnt have the information to hand, a follow up on the information needed will be required.

5. No More Unknown

Ever had a problem treated only for it to keep reoccurring? We strive to tell you on day 1 what you can expect with respect to correcting the primary cause of your pain and then achieving a lasting solution to your problem.  In general terms x3 weekly sessions should resolve soft tissue issues; reflexology x4 weekly sessions should show some change in symptoms.  If no change is happening on any level, the client will be referred to another therapist.

These are the guiding principles of our business, ensuring that we make your treatments as fast, smooth, comfortable and of course SUCCESSFUL as possible.  Open communication is encouraged at all times, and client feedback is considered professionally.


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