12 Relaxation & Reduced Muscle Tension Tips

We’ve all been there, getting wound up more and more coping with what is thrown at us daily. Here are some basic exercises that you can include easily in your everyday routine that ensures you can stray in control and relaxed. If you have some tips of your own, why not post under comments.

1. Music Detour:  Average song only lasts 3 minutes. Take time out to chillax and listen to lyrics/beats of your favourite artist.

2. Smile, Frown, Smile, Frown, Smile

3. Take deep breath at every red light you stop at.

a.   Breathe in for count of 1,2,3,4

b.  Breathe out and let tension go.

4. Meditate or Use chant e.g. OHM

5. Visualise a bar of chocolate melting and feel stress dissipate from your muscles.

6. Pull the drawstring on the huge red velvet stage curtain of your busy mind.  Everything you need to keep in mind will still be there behind the curtain.

7. Try flotation therapy

8. Go for a walk

9. Biofeedback:  Notice how circulation=tingling

10. Tense toes then relax them.  How far up body does tension go?

11. Put your fingers in your ears and listen.

12. Book in for a session at A Little Massage @NEEBA, Whitewater, Newbridge  (045) 321-888 or online here

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