Feeling Stressed?

  • When is the last time you felt relaxed?
  • Are you stressed now?
  • Do you internalize stress?
  • Do you experience anxiety daily?
  • Stress affecting immune system?
  • Constant problems and worries?
  • Low mood/lacking mindfulness?
  • Feeling disconnected/vulnerable?

Sometimes our daily lives can be filled with stress and lots of rushing around. Endless reasons to tense up and feel rigidity in our muscles.

Often it is only when we relax that we realise how stressed we are.

Tension builds up in our bodies and stays there, challenging our immune system.

Massage uses the power of touch to relax and reassure tired, stressed, aching muscles. By helping the body to release tension, the mind also benefits.

In addition, massage provides you with a restful calm environment in which to take a little break from the busy world, resulting in reduced stress levels.

On a physiological level, massage is known to stimulate the lymph system. The lymph system processes

approx. 4 liters of fluid a day helping to process fats and recycle fluids around the body. Massage may relieve tension in body and the mind thus helping the client experience a sense of calm and well-being.

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